About us

Gecko Toys came about as I have always had a love and passion for creativeness and teaching of young minds. 

Starting a boutique toy store has been a passionate idea of mine. However due to my love of teaching young children, my primary focus has been in education. I have taught for 16 years as a primary school teacher and am enthusiastic about children, creativity and educational games.

After having 2 of my own children – currently aged 1 and 3 – I realised and found that quality toys/products that stimulate the minds of toddlers and young children were not easily found. The quality and higher level of craftsmanship and imaginative ideas of each Djeco Toy amazed me.

My keen interest in the artful Djeco toy brand then sparked the idea to pursue my dream of owning my own toy shop- hence Gecko Toys was born! 


The creative team at Djeco spends their time dreaming up beautiful toys that people can be proud of and that children get excited and enthusiastic about playing with.

Freedom of imagination and creativity is of the utmost importance to us. We want children to have fun and be creative at the same time. Through playing with toys, children develop their fine and gross motor skills as well as their cognitive skills. They nurture their creativity and they let their imaginations flow. Children learn how to share, interact with one another and this often helps to overcome life’s obstacles. From an early age, toys help to provide opportunities to practise thinking skills, acquire knowledge, develop social and spatial awareness and grow emotionally. They help develop problem solving skills and stimulate learning. Our toys, games, arts and crafts give opportunities for creativity, laughter, sharing and discovery.

Each toy design is unique, colourful and caters for various age groups. Each is beautifully packaged in eco-friendly boxes with attention to detail. Step-by-step booklets, information cards and little hints guide children through the activities, making them user friendly and fun for everyone to enjoy.


"Over 1,000 products, three main product lines (toys and games, decoration, creative pastimes) and new ranges every year. We love innovating constantly (we create a new product every day) and are not afraid to take risks to make our dreams a reality. Our bywords are unpredictability and originality!" - Djeco website