Tips to treat little ones colds and flu this winter!

Flu season is around the corner and it is not easy to keep little ones out of the cold and those that remain indoors are socialising with one another in close proximity, especially at school, which aids in spreading germs. Children under the age of 5 are particularly high risk during the winter months so we need to keep a close eye on the flu signs.

Colds and flus are viral infections so antibiotics seldom do the trick but there are certain useful tips to help your children fight these viruses!

1. Children need to be properly hydrated! Keep the fluids flowing. 2. Encourage plenty of rest! No extreme running about! 3. Clear those snotty noses with a saline spray or humidifier and the 'NoseFrida' nasal aspirator device, I have found, is very useful for keeping snotty nasal passages clear. Using tissues to wipe away the snot can cause a little dryness under the nose, so just a dash of Vaseline helps to keep the dryness away 4. A spoonful of honey keeps the coughs away! 5. Call a doctor if your little one has a fever over 39 degrees, is lethargic, short of breath and struggles to eat or drink. 

Remember to keep your children at home if they are running a fever! If they are at school, they need to remember to wash and sanitise regularly, to not share their snacks, as hard as this can be, and to play at a safe distance to avoid catching any bugs.

Hope you all stay safe, warm and healthy this winter!