Our new brand- BigJigs

We are very excited to introduce a new brand to our online store- BigJigs! The BigJigs train sets are amazing and I know from personal experience, that these trains supply endless entertainment. My son plays with these sets for ages and enjoys building and rebuilding the track and watching the trains go round and round. It is an amazing toy for little ones. I highly recommend them!

BigJigs is a UK-based company. The business started in England in 1985. It was a husband and wife team who started the brand. Peter Ireland hand crafted wooden jigsaws which he and his wife Liz sold at craft markets all over the United Kingdom. Liz and Peter were both teachers originally and have always had a passion for children and educational development. "Their mission is to deliver quality, safe and affordable products which are responsibly sourced and complement childhood development through fun, exploration and learning." Timber Toys. Most of the BigJigs products are manufactured using Rubberwood. This is a solid hardwood, perfect for producing quality toys that will last. Each toy has been safety tested to ensure that it meets the standards required to be sold all over the world. A truly great gift for any household!