Love Languages for Kids- 5th: Service

The last and final love language for kids is 'Service'.

This love language is one where we as parents, show our love and care by helping, supporting, volunteering and teaching. 

Helping your children with their homework can be a challenging and tiresome task but a task that children benefit from and appreciate. Remember that homework is for children to do, not parents. Parents are merely there to support and assist. Let your children take the lead.

Doing tasks that are not such fun- like tidying your child's bedroom or cleaning up their toys etc. are always better tackled as a team. Encourage your children to tidy up after themselves and offer to help so they know the task is not that bad if they have a little assistance from you.

Nearly everyday, we as parents, teach our children something new. Find exciting things to show your children, make interesting things together, practice sports together and teach them important life lessons- showing kindness, remembering manners, being respectful etc.

One of my favourite things to do is tucking my little ones in at night and reading stories together. I love to snuggle with them and chat about their highlights of the day and listen to their stories. These little moments are very precious.

All these wonderful things, known as 'services' are labours of love and require patience, persistence, motivation and encouragement. Even if they are tiring and after a long day, you struggle to have energy for such tasks, just give it your best shot! Your little ones will be so grateful and love you even more for it.