Love Languages for Kids- 4th: Gifts

Everyone loves to have a little spoiling and a showering of gifts and treats! As we know, children love surprises, treasures and presents! They always create so much joy and excitement. This leads to our 4th love language- Gifts!

Treating somebody and finding that perfect gift always fills both the giver and the receiver with much happiness. Gifts should not be given too often and should not be expected but given when the timing is right- for special occasions, rewards for good behaviour or merely surprising your little ones when you feel the need. Children love to feel special and loved. Use your gift spoils by putting an extra treat in their lunchbox, by buying them a new favourite item of clothing, hiding exciting treasures that they love to find and on certain special days, making their most delicious meal or dessert. Giving and receiving of undeserved gifts makes life more exciting and full of surprises.

Look for the positives in your children each day. See when they are trying their best, when they happily do chores around the house, when they produce beautiful work at school, when they are kind, caring and generous to their siblings or friends. Look for these wonderful positive behaviours and spoil your little ones when they least expect it. They will feel truly loved and appreciated and more grateful for the small gestures that are given by you! Happy Spoiling!