Love Languages for Kids- 3rd: Quality Time

Our love language for this week is: Quality Time!

By quality time, we mean that you need to spend fully focused, fun-filled time with your children. They will want your undivided attention so no checking emails or messaging on your phones, no hanging the washing at the same time.... This is complete focused time with your child.

There are so many exciting things you can do together:

These include going for a walk or a bike ride, playing a ball game outside or a board game inside, depending on the weather. Make up an obstacle course or jump on the trampoline together. Believe me trampolining is tiring but my son has endless laughs when we jump about together and its pretty good exercise for us adults! Reading stories is always a favourite! My little girl's new best thing is her 'Treasure Hunt for Girls' book. There are lots of hidden pictures to search for and objects to count and she always chooses this book for us to spend time looking at together.

Getting messy is not always a parent's favourite thing to do but sometimes it can be great fun! So get arty and crafty or fill the kitchen with all sorts of baking goodies and make something delicious. This makes the messiness all worthwhile. 

For some down time, make a nice big bowl of popcorn and have movie afternoon together. Snuggle on the couch and enjoy some chill time with each other. 

Your children so appreciate this special bonding time with you. I know it is not always easy to find time in our busy lives but try to put aside an hour or two each day for undivided quality time with your children. These are the memories that they will remember and that you too can embrace. Our little ones grow up so quickly so these magic moments are very precious!