Love Languages for Kids- 2nd: Physical Touch

Our second love language is Physical Touch! This is a need which is so important to all of us. We often feel that a big hug or a gentle pat on the back makes us feel that we are loved and appreciated. Physical affection from a parent, sibling or friend is what helps our little ones develop their feelings and emotions. 

Giving your children lots of hugs and cuddles every day shows them just how much you love them. Cuddle time and snuggling up on the couch together when reading or watching a favourite TV program is so special. My son loves back tickles and often asks me to give his back a little tickle before he goes to bed, to help him sleep well.

Holding tiny hands are my favourite! When my little daughter asks for my hand when we are walking, I just beam. Having that soft little hand in mine is such a treat. Enjoy it while it lasts as children later on may not enjoy it as much! So welcome kisses, hugs and hand holding for as long as you can. 

There are also many games you can play with your children that involve physical touch. Lots of hand clapping games, twister, piggyback and wheelbarrow races and the list goes on. children feel secure and happy when they are playing closely with a parent and have their undivided attention for that activity. 

We all have days and moments when things don't go as planned and when our emotions take hold of us. We sometimes feel like we need a quiet moment on our own but this said, try not to avoid giving affection to your little ones when you are upset. Maybe just explain to them how you are feeling and often holding them tight, makes you feel better too.

Children need to feel close to someone. They need to feel that love through physical touch. Be generous with your hugs, cuddles, kisses, snuggles, tickles, high fives and hand holding!