Easter Fun is on its way!

The Easter Bunny is soon to arrive! Little ones can't wait for their Easter egg hunt and that chocolate excitement! But here are a few other ideas to make Easter day fun for the whole family! 

Family fun can be cooking up a delish egg and bacon breakfast, maybe pancakes too. Get your little ones to crack the eggs and mix them up! Easter egg decorating and painting. Filling an exciting basket of easter goodies and delivering them to someone special. Playing the egg and spoon race with all family members. Be careful not to have eggs splattered all over the garden so hard boiled may be a good option! Those who have pet bunnies or who know of a petting farm with cute cuddly ones, spend time and enjoy bouncing around with them. Don't forget to feed them lots of carrots too. Soft, toy bunnies make the perfect companion too. Dress up as a bunny or easter chick and go on a scavenger hunt to find exciting and interesting things in the garden. Read Easter related books and explain the special message of Easter during story time. There are also lovely games and puzzles that follow the easter theme that you can play with your little ones- memory game, card matching, collage and sticker making fun and much more.

I hope you have a fun-filled Easter Day, jam-packed with exciting activities in between all the chocolate munching!