How Lockdown life affects our little ones

Children have experienced a mixture of emotions during the pandemic lockdowns. Some have been positive experiences and some have been negative. Children have felt overwhelmed, frightened, anxious, scared, their sleep patterns altered and their moods varied. On the flip side, children have also felt more loved and protected by their families, they have experienced more affection and had special quality time with their parents and siblings; they have bonded with their pets and they have learnt to engage to the best of their ability in their surrounding. 

Children have been deprived of their friends and social interaction but many have overcome this through connecting online with their friends and teachers. They have learnt to adapt their busy lives by finding pleasure in the simple things that surround them in an environment. They have been given the opportunity to create their own games, to explore their environment and to use their imaginations to make life more fun.

They have  built forts, created fairy gardens, learnt to bake and cook, discovered new exercise routines and obstacle courses, DIY around the house, making veggie gardens, teaching animals new tricks and the list goes on..... all these things that our busy lives during ordinary times don't allow us to discover and appreciate. Children need to play, they need to have the opportunity to be creative, to laugh, and to have more fun.

Lockdown has allowed us to appreciate and cherish our loved ones and to be grateful each and every day for the gift of life. No matter how tough times are and even when we are thrown curveballs, we need to look back on these times and savour the moments and memories that helped us get through them. Love, Laugh, Play, Create, Live!